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FlavorThe Strawberry Watermelon Lost Mary OS5000 Luster uses is packed with ripe strawberry and watermelon flavors in every puff.

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Lost Mary OS5000 Luster combines performance and style with its unique shell and mesh coil for improved flavor. There designed by Elf Bar provides a battery indicator that allows vapers to check on power levels while they are vaping. Lost Mary OS5000 produces 5000 puffs of tasty e-liquid flavors and a generous 10ml e-juice capacity. Green, Blue, and Red LED colors display the amount of charge left in the rechargeable USB-C 650mah built-in battery. Strawberry watermelon ice lost mary is a total winner! It’s bursting with the juiciest strawberry and watermelon flavors in every single puff. Where to buy lost mary vape

Lost mary vape Flavors: The strawberry watermelon ice lost mary OS5000 Luster uses is packed with ripe strawberry and watermelon flavors in every puff.


– Size: 10ml

– Nicotine Strength: 4.0%

– Battery Capacity: USB-C Rechargeable 650mAh

– Puff Count: 5000+ Puffs

-LED Color Display For Charge

Lost mary vape Flavors

lost mary vape near me
Where to buy lost mary vape
lost mary vapes near me

Where to buy lost mary vape


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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  1. Smokey

    Hands down my absolute favourite flavour, I’ve tried almost every lost mary flavour and this is one I get almost every batch.

  2. Liv

    Tastes like a strawberry ice pop, 10/10! So refreshing

  3. Smokey

    Wasn’t sure on this one at first but the more I used it the more I liked it. It’s like one of the strawberries and cream lolly.

  4. Sam M

    This has to be the best flavour disposable I have ever tried. The fresh strawberry taste with a hint of Ice is amazing.

    Would love a juice like this for my Caliburn. sadly I only buys these whilst awaiting for my supplies.

  5. Kelz

    Yes yes yes ! So smooth Taste just like strawberry’s snd cream !

  6. JAMES

    Very nice but sickly sweet to the point your throat might just cave in

  7. Roth3939

    Very sweet and strawberry flavour which is nice. When I first had some it was a little strong but after a few puffs it was really nice

  8. Lamchop

    Very sweet, strong strawberry flavour! Reminds me of a cross between strawberry milkshake and red slush puppie! Definitely worth a try you won’t be disappointed!

  9. rose

    Very sweet and very fruity. It actually tastes like strawberries.

  10. Jessica P.

    Very smooth strawberry flavour. The ice gives it an edge. Love this brand.

  11. Lamchop

    Love this flavour!

  12. Beth

    Good flavour! Finished it right to the end and will probably order again. Wish it was a little more fruity strawberry rather than the slightly creamy flavour it has but still good nonetheless!

  13. Cathy

    This used to be in my regular rotation, however, recently I started feeling that is a bit sickly. This is a very sweet tasting flavour.

  14. Steve

    Love this flavour probably one of my favourites. You get a nice tight draw for mtl. I think the battery last longer than the elf bars so better value. Always good value from vape club

  15. Bud

    Love this vape! Great mix of strawberry with an icy finish.

  16. Envyy

    one of the best strawberry flavours, The flavour stays consist and its now my go to

  17. Thomas

    This is one of my favourite flavour and it’s packed with a powerful taste and will hits the spot.

  18. Wee Pee

    Have to admit I love this one but wouldn’t be my fav.Its very sweet lovely but just too sweet..👍but would buy it again

  19. Ben

    I get these for my wife as they are her favourite and she says that they are sweet but not too sweet and the flavour lasts til the end

  20. Jackie

    My go-to disposable flavour. Such a lovely strawberry flavour. I’m a big fan of strawberry vapes, but this one takes the cake. It’s also so reliable! It lasts such a long time and has a strong flavour until it dies.

  21. Jean

    This strawberry vape has got a lovely taste but not enough kick for me, it’s very pleasant and very strawberry milkshake flavor and it was a change for me I would consider buying it again.

  22. Ryan

    One of my favourite flavours that I’ve tried. A very cool smooth inhale with a vibrant strawberry taste that reminds me of strawberry milkshake. Highly recommend

  23. SHELL

    I will never get tired off this one. I love it ! Strawberry flavour isn’t too sweet/sickly
    Lasts for a good while also.

  24. Andrew

    Nice Strawberry taste that didn’t dull overtime, slight hint of ice but not overwhelming. Would recommend to anyone who likes a strawberry vape

  25. Terence95

    Absolutely love this one. Probably my favourite Lost Mary. Flavour doesn’t seem to dull over time either which is a bonus. Wish they would last longer but to be honest that is probably me using it too much. It still last longer than other disposable brands.

  26. Sam

    I like this flavour. It is a mellow strawberry. The ice isn’t as strong as in some other flavours. Doesn’t catch the throat. I have tried quite a lot of strawberry and find that they irritate the throat but this one doesn’t. Like strawberry ice cream in flavour.

  27. Carnybear

    UK vapers will know what I’m referring to! This tastes exactly like strawberry ‘Angel Delight’- a heavenly blend of strawberries and cream dessert. The added icy exhale just gives a further element to this that elevates that flavour even more. An absolute pleasure to vape and best strawberry flavour that I’ve found in disposables. If only they did it in e-liquid form! 10/10

  28. Kerry

    Love the taste of Red Apple
    Long lasting
    Smooth tasted
    Recommend this flavour

  29. Izzie02

    I love strawberry flavoured vapes and this one is definitely good, would buy again. Recommend for people who like sweet flavoured vapes

  30. Kala

    The flavour remindes me of strawberry ice cream. It’s nice and smooth. Does not punch you in your throat. It’s a little bit artificial in taste but I don’t mind it!

  31. Chrissie

    Lovely flavour. Very natural and not too sweet. Lasted quite a while with no dullness in flavour over time.

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