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FlavorThe Lost Mary Strawberry Guava Mint  OS5000 Luster Edition offers a refreshing blast of strawberry, guava, and cool mint essence. The refreshing mint notes elevate an outstandingly paired combination of berry and tropical guava flavors.

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Lost Mary OS5000 Luster combines performance and style with its unique shell and mesh coil for improved flavor. There designed by Elf Bar provides a battery indicator that allows vapers to check on power levels while they are vaping. Lost Mary OS5000 produces 5000 puffs of tasty e-liquid flavors and a generous 10ml e-juice capacity. Green, Blue, and Red LED colors display the amount of charge left in the rechargeable USB-C 650mah built-in battery.

Strawberry Guava Mint has blackberry flavors that perfectly blend with the fresh, sweet, and tangy lemonade flavoring, creating a truly satisfying vaping sensation.

Lost mary vape Flavors: The Lost Mary Strawberry Guava Mint  OS5000 Luster Edition offers a refreshing blast of strawberry, guava, and cool mint essence. The refreshing mint notes elevate an outstandingly paired combination of berry and tropical guava flavors.

Product Features:

– Size: 10ml

– Nicotine Strength: 4.0%

– Battery Capacity: USB-C Rechargeable 650mAh

– Puff Count: 5000+ Puffs

-LED Color Display For Charge

Lost mary vape Flavors

where to buy lost mary vape

where to buy lost mary vape


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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  1. JAMES

    Very nice but sickly sweet to the point your throat might just cave in

  2. Kelz

    Yes yes yes ! So smooth Taste just like strawberry’s snd cream !

  3. Sam

    This has to be the best flavour disposable I have ever tried. The fresh strawberry taste with a hint of Ice is amazing.

    Would love a juice like this for my Caliburn. sadly I only buys these whilst awaiting for my supplies.

  4. Smokey

    Wasn’t sure on this one at first but the more I used it the more I liked it. It’s like one of the strawberries and cream lolly.

  5. stefan

    Hands down my absolute favourite flavour, I’ve tried almost every lost mary flavour and this is one I get almost every batch.

  6. Carnybear

    Very smooth strawberry flavour. The ice gives it an edge. Love this brand.

  7. jesi

    Best flavour for this brand personally. Good flavour and everything. Would recommend

  8. AJ

    I have just recently discovered that I absolutely love mangos so I thought I would give this a try and WOW it tastes amazing and with the ice flavour on the exhale was an added bonus, the flavour lasted right up till the last puff.

  9. Gulam

    I found it absolutely nice, and sweet.Because it’s size very easy to keep it in pockets, and use it while you move.I choose it as my favourate.

  10. Angie

    i take these away with me they are a nice flavour & do last longer than most disposables

  11. Bibo

    Nice sleek design, really nice flavour and easy to use grabbed it in the clearance well worth it

  12. Roderic M

    These are great to have in your pocket as a back up for my main vape. Easy to start, and light weight.

  13. Colin

    can’t fault these puffmi disposable vapes on flavour , there really tasty , they don’t seem to last as long as you’d expect but for 2pound each it’s hard to complain too much

  14. pAUL

    Really enjoyed this mango flavour. Nice flavour and last quite a bit.

  15. Dee

    Probably the best disposable out there in terms of taste. Creamy rich mango flavour and very very smooth. A definite repeat purchase!

  16. Jessie

    Love this flavour- definitely my favourite from this brand and one of my favourites of all time. The mango is strong but not too sweet and blends really well with the ice. Lasts a while too and an absolute bargain on clearance. Give it a go you won’t be disappointed!

  17. hadda

    Nice mango flavour however i felt as if the vape ran out quicker than usual

  18. hassim

    Without a doubt my all time favourite vape. I’ve tried over 100 different disposable vapes over the last 7 or 8 months. I’ve just bought another load of these bad boys before they’re all gone. If vape club don’t stock them in the future I know I’ve got to switch to rechargeable vaping, or else look for another place to buy them.

    The former is the better option, but after the 15 I’ve just ordered are gone, I’m really going to miss this flavour. It’s immense.

    Please stock more, Vape club? Youll lose a lot of money when I move onto rechargeable vaping!

  19. Charli

    Amazing taste of mango and great value on clearance at £2.09

  20. LAURIE

    First time trying this brand. Was quite impressed. Nice strong mango flavour. Not too strong though. There’s a decent draw as well. Will buy again

  21. Sean R

    I’m new to vaping and so tried this one – loved it!

    Strong flavour and lots of puffs – decent value for money.

    The vape is small and compact, but packs a good flavour.

  22. Raul

    I’m the same anonymous that wrote the last review of these. I want to up my score to a full 5 stars after vaping it all.

    I was really quite gutted when it ran out. I want more of that taste. I’ll definitely order more of these. It’s the delicious creaminess that does it…it’s satisfying on a number of levels all at once.
    I’ve got a big order to get through before I get more of these. That makes me kinda sad. Defo a top 5 vape.

  23. MORGAN

    First time I’ve tried a Puffmi. It feels like the same kind of coil as the qm600 Lost Mary, so it gives a big kick quite quickly. Really nice draw.

    I like it a lot. The mango taste is sweet and creamy, with a nice icy aftertaste. For £3 it’s a must try. Mangos with cream, or evaporated milk, then a nice ice hit. Can’t go wrong if you like those things. Fantastic for the price.
    Perfect service by Vape Club, as always.

  24. Susan

    Love the flavor. Just enough mint kick with a sweet taste

  25. Leila

    My favorite, it’s so delicious

  26. Ashley

    Watermelon ice is one of my top flavors. I love it. It is very fruity,and tastes amazing. It has a cooling effect from the ice that I enjoy. I definetly will be buying more!!

  27. Raymond

    Awesome flavor no issue with hardware

  28. Grace

    This is my favorite lost mary flavor so far. I knew I should’ve gotten 2 of them!

  29. Tammy

    Zero Nicotine 🙂 I Love the taste!

  30. Patricia

    Everybody should try this one first!

  31. John

    I get cravings for sugar too, and this one really helps with that. Definitely one of my daily picks going forward

  32. Jameson

    Great taste

  33. Akhil

    Great flavor and super smooth

  34. Jennifer

    This one is probably my favorite out of all the vaped I have tried. I love the flavor and the fact that it is rechargeable.

  35. Mecha

    Such a smooth amazing flavor definitely in the top 3!

  36. Kelly

    I love this flavor of watermelon Ice. Sweet!


    New to vaping. Usually a cigar smoker. Love the flavor of this vape and easy to recharge.

  38. samantha

    this has a smooth flavor and hits. One of my favorites

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